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The trick to quickly turn off the smartphone: so it takes very little

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Don’t have time and need to turn off your mobile phone immediately? Do this and you will succeed in an instant: success is guaranteed.

Imagine that you are in a critical situation, your smartphone is on the verge of completely breaking down and you need to turn it off immediately to prevent it from reaching 0%. It seems inevitable, but it will not be the case if you decide to use some of the very interesting features available for a mobile phone, especially for the iPhone. All you have to do then is follow a few simple steps.

We will succeed in these measures –

One of many is what consists of using the app Quick orders, thanks to which we can create shortcuts to quickly turn off the iPhone just by using the voice. To start we will have to open the application in question, then create a new shortcut from the “+” button at the top right, then press “Add Action” and then write the word “turn offin the search box.

Turn off your iPhone command: Do this and it will take a few seconds

Once you find the action you want, add it to the shortcut. Finally, it will be enough – if you like it – even to customize it abbreviations Working on both the icon and the name, selecting a color that pleases us and any name that might interest us. But what if it is Siri To turn off the cell phone for us? Here’s how to ask them to do it from time to time!

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A way to quickly turn off a cell phone
Turning it off this way is easy –

Once the command to turn off the iPhone is set, we will be able to ask Siri to turn off the device immediately. As usual we have to say “Hey Siri”, and then we say to her “Turn off the iPhone“To do it for us. Then, as usual, he will ask us to confirm what has been said or not to do by saying.”EliminatesWe can’t deny that it’s an effective method, because it’s also really fast. We don’t see them often after all, and when we can take advantage of them we feel really good.

What do you think of this trick? Certainly there Much more for mobileWe have no doubt about this, but such settings are not discovered so quickly unless the user decides to mess around for a long time on his smartphone. Now that you know this jobWhy don’t you use it? In this regard, it would be appropriate to inquire a little more: you can discover a lot of useful features that, previously, you would not have even thought about their existence.

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