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Pre-order PS4 and Xbox One on Amazon at a discounted price –

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Through Amazon, you can play a file Hogwarts Legacy Pre-order on PS4 and Xbox One At a reduced price, even more than in the past. The price is now €47 for the PS4 version (with a discount that’s lower than in the past) and €49.80 for the Xbox One version (with a classic discount available for some time).

We remind you that if you have already pre-ordered Hogwarts Legacy in one of these editions, you do not have to do anything at all like Pre-order “Guaranteed Minimum Price”: This new price will be automatically activated for your pre-order, and even after it goes up, it will still be €47/49 (depending on the version).

If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, we remind you that it’s fully pre-ordered Free And you can cancel the order even before you pay directly. Payment is made only upon delivery. At the moment, the official release date for Hogwarts Legacy has been set for 2022, but some rumors believe that the release period is early December.

We also note that the file Telegram channel dedicated to shows. Follow it to be up to date with the latest shows handpicked by our editorial staff!

Hogwarts in a Diagram from Hogwarts Legacy

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