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Major stars have been rejected from a movie for incredible reasons

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Despite the fame and success, some actors and some actresses have had to cash in no money. Things that happen, unexpected events in trade, but surprises in the cases we want to tell you about today are the reasons behind rejection. Robin Williamsfor example, was also judged ‘American’ for Hogwarts: it’s no secret that the late actor would have liked to be part of an epic Harry PotterBut the dictates imposed by production prevented this. English cast only, with some very rare exceptions and in any case not for lead roles. But for him, perhaps an exception could have been made. Johnny Depp Instead, he was considered a “light actor” by Da Bret Easton Ellisthe famous writer who turned down the actor for the role of Patrick Bateman in The American Psycho. still: Scarlett JohanssonAnd Michael JacksonAnd Eddie Redmayne…here are some Major stars have been rejected from a movie for incredible reasons.

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