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Discover a new prehistoric spider covered in plates. I am an armored beast

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New species of spiders discovered in China: very ancient (web) –

A few days ago we received news of a huge new scientific discovery directly from China.

We are not dealing with new planets, nor are we dealing with a new civilization buried by atmospheric factors that have occurred over time. Indeed, it is a discovery Zoology Which is incredible. It’s about three New types Of the animals that are, by right, part of group Bigger and already known for some time.

Do you think this group includes itself and maintains it well 1000 species. And all of these live in a slice of province limited and small. Precisely for this reason, they must be considered at risk extinction. The reason is always the same – the activity of men. As always, this is our fault. Yes, because we endanger flora and fauna.

It is our fault that, little by little, over the years, some species of animals, as well as plants, will have to say that Good-bye for us planet. Our behavior, our activity is harmful to everyone. Actually it is also for ourselves. Therefore, we welcome these new discoveries that could lead to cataloging of new species.

Moreover, by identifying and cataloging them, their natural habitats can be preserved in order to prevent men from influencing their lives. This discovery goes in exactly this direction. Three completely new species of spiders have been identified with great difficulty thanks to the work of a team of university researchers.

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New species of spiders with armored bodies: ‘prehistoric’ discovery.

As mentioned before, the discovery was made in China thanks to the work of some researchers at Hunan Normal University And researcher National University of Singapore. And what they discovered is incredible. In fact, they look alike very old species. But let’s go step by step and find out what happened.

Female specimen of Songthela longhui, one of three new spider species discovered in China (web) –

All this happened on the territory of Hunan Province, where the university is located. But what did these scientists do? They basically collected tiny little spiders in the fields and raised them in the lab. In doing so, they were able to discover the three new species once the spiders became adults: Songthela zhongpoAnd Songthela longhuiAnd Songthila finished.

Names derived from the regions in which they were collected. All of them Medium spidersof very small dimensions, a centimeter or two in diameter, and a covered body sheets via shield. It is difficult to identify the different species belonging to this very ancient group. They look very similar. The only difference is in genitals.

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