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“The third dose vaccine can last more than 6 months”

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A third dose of covid vaccine can provide long-term protection for up to 6 months in the context of an infectious Omicron variant. However, it cannot be excluded that an annual booster of the vaccine is required. This is the scenario that Professor Anthony Fauci, principal advisor to US President Joe Biden, outlined on Sky Tg24.

It is possible ‘a fourth dose’ will be needed but I hope not, and that we get a level of protection beyond six months. Of course, a proper total regimen might include three doses of the vaccine per mRna. We need the third dose because it’s so integral. out of the system, so it’s possible that after the third dose we won’t need another dose for longer than six months,” Fauci tells e-VENTI.

“Hopefully we don’t have to vaccinate people all the time, but we have to let go of the possibility that there will be a need for a seasonal vaccine, we don’t know for sure now. We have to wait and see what will be needed in the coming months,” the immunologist adds.

Omicron Variant Separation: “In many countries of the world, but particularly in South Africa, we see omicron is spreading very rapidly, and it is on the cusp of becoming the dominant alternative. In the United States, we are seeing a rapid increase in omicron, especially in the New York City area, where There is a three-day doubling time.We expect Omicron to become the dominant alternative in the US in the coming weeks.

“Sure – he notes – we know that oomicrons are more contagious, and we’re not quite sure that it’s less dangerous. We know that in South Africa infected people seem to be less likely to go to hospital and get seriously ill, but that is probably due to the fact that many in South Africa have They have already contracted an alpha or beta variant and when they are treated they have a level of immunity that protects them, not necessarily from infection, but possibly from becoming seriously ill,” he continued.

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“This is an unanswered question so far, it is not known whether the virus itself is less virulent in nature or whether people have a level of gravity-avoiding immunity.”

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