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The ten most influential people in science in 2022. Here is a list from nature

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The ten most influential people in science in 2022. Here is a list from nature

The scientific journal Nature has compiled a list of ten people who, according to the editorial board, were the most influential in science in 2022. The list has been called “Nature 10It is not intended as a ranking, the selection is intended instead as a way to highlight key scientific events of the past year through the people involved.

first name is who Gene Rigbythe astronomer who played a key role in getting the James Webb Space Telescope into space and working properly, offering enormous new possibilities for the study of the universe.

A wide area has been found by people who have studied climate change. Salim ul-HaqDirector of the International Center for Climate Change and Development in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who helped force rich countries to pay for losses and damages caused by climate change during international negotiations in Egypt.
Then there are more political figures like Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, speaking loudly on the conscience of the world delivered scathing words to world leaders gathered for the UN Climate Summit in November at COP27 in Egypt: “We are on a highway towards climate hell, with one foot remaining on the accelerator.” which also illustrates the collective “mea culpa”; There is always a change in climate Svetlana Krakowska, head of Ukraine’s delegation to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), who, during an online meeting during which a Russian missile also fell, linked Russia’s invasion to climate change, without condemning the invasion but directly. This human-induced climate change and the war against Ukraine have direct links and the same roots: fossil fuels and humanity’s dependence on them. The ease with which energy can be obtained from the combustion of coal, oil and gas has changed the balance of power in the human world,” he said, before saying, “I understood that the IPCC is not a political body and I didn’t want to be. undermining him. But this was an exceptional situation.”

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Next, we turn to the issues most closely related to health policy, we have Alondon Nelson, a sociologist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, head of the US Office of Science and Technology Policy who helped President Joe Biden’s administration adopt a science integration policy and new guidelines on open science; Force US government agencies to immediately release the results of their research. Then, always associated with political issues, there Diana Green Foster, a researcher and demographer at the University of California, has shown through more than 50 peer-reviewed articles that abortion is not harmful to a woman’s health or well-being. However, denial of abortion leads to negative financial and health outcomes and harms families.

The most stringent health issues were reached Muhammad Mohiuddin, a surgeon at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore who led his team in the first transgenic pig heart transplant into a human. Although the patient survived “only” for two months, possibly also due to an undetected herpes virus infection, organ transplantation opens the door to new treatment prospects for people who will receive an organ.

Then two nominations related to the topic of Covid-19: Yunlong “Richard” Cao that predicted some of the mutations underlying the new variants allowing researchers around the world to keep abreast of the evolution of SARS-CoV-2, and Lisa McCorkle who has turned his personal experience with Long-Covid into a battle to raise awareness and fund research on PTSD by establishing a patient-led research collaboration, helping to shape basic studies on Long-Covid to testifying before the United States Congress on the needs of people with the condition.

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Finally, there Demi Ogwinaa Nigerian scientist among the first to study monkeypox, which in November was renamed smallpox by the World Health Organization to reduce stigma, thus providing valuable information on typical lesions and modes of transmission of the virus, and is also committed to taking measures by governments in countries where the virus is present. It wasn’t really endemic.

Additionally, the article mentioned five characters to “watch” in 2023: Sherry RehmanN, Minister of Climate Change of Pakistan, who will continue the fight over compensation for damages caused by climate change; Nallathambi Kalaiselvian electrochemist from the Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, and the first woman to lead the institute; Sun ChunlanVice Premier of the Communist Party of China who will play a key role in the country’s plans to ease Covid-19 restrictions; Renee Wiggersinpresident of the US Agency for Health Advanced Research Projects, is a biologist who will set the agency’s strategic agenda for finding innovative solutions to biomedical problems and Antonio Tysonof the University of California, a physicist who opened studies on weak gravitational lensing, which will bear fruit next year when two important telescopes become operational.

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