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The strange background of Buzz’s girlfriend *

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Mom I missed the plane It is a cult film for Christmas and in the light Actor Devin Rattray arrested (who played Buzz McCallister in the movie) There is curiosity about his character.

In the movie, as we know, Kevin McCallister stays home alone and that’s why he takes the opportunity to search the rooms for money. After entering his older brother Buzz’s room (and freeing a tarantula, which he will later use to hunt down thieves) he opens a chest containing some personal items including a picture of his girlfriend. After looking at him, Kevin is horrified and says, “Buzz, your girlfriend, what an ugly one!!!“.

However, not everyone realizes that the person depicted in that photo is in fact not a girl, but a boy. More precisely, the son of the technical director. In fact, director Chris Columbus thought it would be too bad to make fun of the girl for her physical appearance and so they convinced the boy to dress up as a woman.

Devin Rattray, who played Baz himself, revealed Hey ho:

“They decided it would be rude to put a girl in this role to make fun of herself. The art director had a son who volunteered for the role. I think if he had known it was going to be the highest-grossing family comedy of all time, he would definitely have thought about it before picking up those Picture “.

Mom I missed the plane It was released in 1990 and grossed $476,684,675 million worldwide, against a production budget of just $18 million.

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