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The actress cried after seeing her

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After the recent photos posted on social media, she is in a state of confusion. Cara Delevingne worries fans But it seems too Margot Robbie It seems like she really fears for her friend’s health which for some time now seems out of her mind.

L ‘Barbie translator I was was seen crying Just as he’s been leaving the home of the supermodel who has appeared in the past few weeks increasingly thinner and in an incredibly disoriented state due to substance abuse. Care Delavigne was actually barefoot outside Va Nuys Airport as she was moving in an uncontrolled manner and seemed to lose her view of space.

“He didn’t eat or wash for days.” A source close to the British supermodel revealed to The Sun before adding: “We are all incredibly worried. The situation has been escalating for a few weeks and the family has been under control. There is talk of activating some kind of intervention and making sure Kara gets the help she might need.”

In view of the disturbing images circulating on social media, Margot Robbie decided to visit her friend and her co-worker but given her reaction to launching her own thing in Los Angeles, things don’t seem to have improved for her. Many hope that soon Kara will be sent to a rehabilitation center so that she can somehow regain the fate of her life.

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