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The sting between finance and veto

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For joint accounts there is a real thing, but also on simple accounts the sting comes with a limit of 5,000 euros.

Let’s try to understand what is happening. many Italians They have joint accounts Because having joint accounts for the family is a double advantage.

First of all, the couple They do not have to pay the expenses of two different checking accounts But from only one then observe the entrances and exits of the house becomes much easier. But with joint accounts now comes a big problem because of a recent problem specifically By order of the Court of Cassation.

veto bite

In fact, the Court of Cassation held that if one of the possessors paid the money But then the other partner withdraws that money without the explicit permission of the first, a big problem may arise.


Indeed, in the event the law was submitted to the Court of Cassation, those who withdrew the money claimed they felt entitled to do so. While the other argued that the money belonged to him and that the former could not withdraw it. So if there is no real and complete agreement between the runners and the other payment amount is taken, there are also really serious consequences. But the sting that applies to all checking accounts is the €5,000 limit.

Stamp duty and taxes

This is a tax that is activated when The stock exceeded 5,000 euros but could be avoided. In fact, all Italian accounts if they exceed 5,000 euros You must pay the stamp duty. Stamp fees cost just under 40 euros for individuals and 100 euros a year for businesses. The way to avoid the stamp duty is to keep the account balance within €5,000 Maybe invest the rest. Obviously any investment also involves risks and therefore you have to be careful.

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new financial controls

But we must never forget those bank accounts today They are carefully monitored by the tax authorities thanks to new algorithms Thus abnormal movements can be punished. Today in particular, taxpayers cross account data with those from other databases specifically to highlight everything that does not fit.

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