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The stars were not counted, Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 at Spazio Teatro Nohma.

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Besides the international profession, with offers an absolute preview of Italy from Korea to Japan, from India to South Africa, to name a few, Spazio Teatro No’hma is also interested in Italian companies and those in the Milan area. Lombard. As for the “Stars Not Counted” show, on June 15-16 with Brianza Idea Factory, which leads theater to believe that art, in all its forms, is a powerful engine for growth and life. But is it necessary for art to live for itself or to make it live for others and spread it among humans? This is the eternal question of the artist.

The heroes of the novel “Unaccounted Stars”, who are no longer able to express themselves by their profession, meet, in a bleak place, four hideous characters, almost cut off from everyday reality. The meeting will awaken their most special needs, they will rediscover the desire to join a common project, which is the creation of a show, among personal confessions and analyzes.

It is theater that becomes a rebirth, an emotion, a possibility, a message of life, a constant search for truth, a beauty capable of saving the world.

Once again, Spazio Teatro No’hma, on Via Orcagna 2 in Milan, proposes a show strongly connected to the themes that have always characterized its artistic choices and the cultural and social commitment of President Livia Pomodoro, convinced as always: “Our main motive is cultural pollution and the creation of shows without borders. Or geographical or mental barriers, with the establishment of theatrical events that turn into moments of public exchange and participation among citizens.”

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Association Idea Factory Founded in 2006 by a group of partners interested in theatre, dance and film, it is a non-profit that pursues social, cultural and recreational purposes.

entrance At Noma Theatre It’s freeWith reservation, the show will be broadcast on broadcast live. entrance At Noma Theatre It’s freeWith reservation, the show will be broadcast on broadcast live.

stars not counted

Theater as a new birth


Fabio Peruvano

Marco Panzeri

Simona Natale

Lucia Tyrone

Patrizia Pinto

Nicola Natale


Paula Casella


Nicola Natale

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