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The spaces are (still) deprived of women’s football, and Roma, which cannot play at home

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tale Rome di Spugna, in the “good start” of professionalism that connects the year of the Roman conquests with Juventus’ unquestioned dominance of places of interest, an immediate and tangible consequence of a progressively changing pace of movement, contradicts the article reference for a “sport historically dominated by the masculine” in its representation and its narrative dominant, and still weak in the capacity to accept spaces of reality for its counterpart metaphorical and concrete spaces. Three fountainsthe home stadium of the women’s team from the capital who managed to get to the most prestigious European stage, cannot enter ChampionsThere is no lighting system suitable for playing matches in the evening as required by the regulations.

At the origin of it all, a dispute with a thousand intrigues and few answers, which has been discussing for some time now Eur SPA, owner of the district, municipality of Rome, owner of the field, and director of Tre Fontanesays Marta Bonafoni Republicwe know the quarrel through the exchange of letters; Then fuss, then nothing in particularThe Giallorossi club will therefore have to move the fans, the barracks and the puppets, with their joys and sorrows, to Dominique Franchione from Latina, has already declared itself suitable, by UEFA standards, to host tournament events. Ugo Bambianke, president of Ati Tre Fontane, had previously done so explained As, from the owner ofChampions League matches that will be held outside the capital“we are”A missed opportunity also for the city of Rome’, whose supporters, meanwhile, were passionately dreaming of being able to witness the feat of their girls from the most expensive stands of the Olympico. Why not?

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However, in the heart of passion and insiders, the image of March 24, 2019 is not far away, a date that will remain in the annals of the movement: 40 thousand spectators (and 342,628 from home, on TV) in the big match between Juventus and Fiorentina in the “recognized” space of the Allianz Stadium in Turin, the debut there of the black and white who, from Vinovo GTC, have had the opportunity to compete with a noteworthy facility . The numbers prove that there has never been a lack of interest in the movement; He demonstrates, that record-breaking day, that those wipers can—must! – to fill in, but the most complicated hurdle to get around, in this sense, is the problem of bias. Someone immediately commented on the Romanian case: “Rome would never have occurred to menAnd it is easy to imagine how bitterly true that was.

Historian of Italians at UWCL

No Italian has ever won a tournament in an edition of UEFA Women’s Champions League. The premier club football competition at European level has been around since 2001 (then the UEFA Women’s Cup, which will change its name to the official UWCL only from 2008), and the most prolific in terms of absolute victories isOlympic Lyon, the owner of eight overall championships and the current defending champion. However, upon closer examination, the Italians have not qualified in Europe from today or from yesterday, even extracting some satisfaction (albeit small): Round 32 is up to them. Juventusin the 2018/19 and 2019/20 editions, and Tavagnacoand 2011/2012 and 2013/14; In the round of 16, recently Florentine From the seasons 2017/18 and 2018/19, but also Bardolino Verona – who triumphed in an incredible semi-final in 2007/08 – in the 2012/13 season andAGSM Verona in 2015/2016. In the quarter-finals, only breccia And the Sassari Torresin 2015/2016 and 2004/05, respectively.

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Champion 2022/23: Juventus and Roma for this achievement

The four groups of UWCL 2022/23 It has already shown an important leap, which flexibly represents the exponentially growing movement on a global scale. Thus, even the Italians – who woke up this morning after their first defeat – do not deny themselves a first, albeit timid, satisfaction: in the fourth round (of six), Juventus And the Rome They struggle, with sometimes unpredictable results, among the first in the class to return to the first and second places in each group, thus gaining access to the quarter-finals scheduled for March.

The black and white Joe Montemoro, in Group C, perhaps the most complex, challenges such giants as Arsenal (1-1 on November 24, 1-0 on December 7) and Lyon (1-1 on October 27), currently on 5 points, under Arsenal in lead, with the Frenchman right behind him. A simpler group – only on paper – is the turn of the Sponge’s Roma, who lost half a step at the top against Wolfsburg (with whom they drew 1-1 on November 23 and lost yesterday, 4-2), winning instead with the Austrians. Bolten (3-4, on October 26th) and with Slavia Praha (1-0, on October 20th).

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