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The soccer coaches course kicks off in May

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the Genoa Commission It organizes a course for level 1 football coaches with a final certificate approved by the National Sports Center and CONI.

Classes will start on May 8th and will be online and with hands-on exercises. There are two options: a basic course and a 2.0 course

“Unfortunately, the latest news stories with increasingly frequent attacks on referees by players, coaches and managers require deep reflections and assumptions of responsibility for those involved in the sport at all levels. Our Foundation- says Gian Maria Baldi, Director of Training for CSI LiguriaShe has always been sensitive about these issues but more efforts are needed. This course anticipates the arrival of national coaches in Genoa for technical lessons. And there will also be an important moment with an educational psychologist to properly manage the relationship with children, adolescents and parents.

Technical lessons in the middle of the week, in the evening: the first, by Paolo Picchi, will be prepared with preliminary games and an exercise-analytical study, adjusted according to the different age groups. In the second lesson, coordinated by Daniele Tacchini, games with themes will be explained, different game situations, from simple to slightly more complex ones (in short, you won’t become … Mourinho!) and the concept of a “mini-course” will be developed to achieve the objectives. During the course we will also discuss the bonding agreement, the specific values ​​of CSI, employment law aspects of sport, first aid and injury management. In the end, participants will have to answer a 20-question questionnaire, nothing too hard.

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“After many exceptions at the regional level, specifically to protect youth, coaches of the 2023-24 season who do not have the necessary qualifications, either from the CSI or from other bodies or associations, will no longer be included in the separate official matches. Everyone will be able to Access to the MyCSI application– reminds Gian Maria Baldi-And those who already have a license can request what is called a “recognition”, by accessing their own area, registering with their tax code and entering a password. You will have to fill in a brief syllabus of what you have done at the mathematical level and attach a file to the certificate.”.

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