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The skyrocketing price in Bologna: the sting of 1200 euros – Economy

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Bologna, January 19, 2022 – a The sting in the cart and in invoice For Bolognese families. 2021 ended with an increase we haven’t seen in years the prices for consumption, i.e. for‘inflation’, which was recorded in December a +4.2% YoY.

The price of fuel is also rising

This is by farThe largest increase in the past two years, In practice since the beginning pandemic Even today. Prices have also increased compared to November 0,6%.

The most relevant hit, the one that makes the whole basket price go up, comes from rumors “Housing, Water, Electricity and Fuel”, which indicates an increase in 15.4%, e “Transportation‘, with + 8,3%: In fact, Complete home and car facilities.

Below average, but still significantly higher even in the recent past, increases in”Hospitality and catering services‘(+3,4%),’Food and soft drinks‘(+2,9%)e’Furniture for the home(+2,8%).

Also in the positive area are “other goods and services” (+1.9%), “health services and health costs” (+1.4%), “clothes and shoes(+0.9%), “Recreation, Leisure and Culture” (+0.3%).

The price of goods rises on average by 5.8% and services by 1.8%.. To weigh above all the prices of products purchased frequently (+ 4%) and with medium frequency (+ 5.5%), while those purchased with low frequency (+ 2%) are more contained. Contrary to the general trend, there are only three components: alcoholic beverages and tobacco, down 0.3%, and expenditures related to education (-0.7%) and especially those related to communications (-2,8%).

Thus December marks the arrival point of the year which has always seen, from the beginning of January onwards, an increase not only in prices but also in inflation itself: in practice, prices have gradually grown faster and faster, at least on a trend basis. and achieved levels Consumer associations concerned. L ‘National Consumers Association He defines the increases across Italy as “catastrophic”. And appreciation of the two towers with annual inflation of 4.2%, increase b 1184 euros for medium families About twelve months. For families of four, the increase will rise to 1,633 euros.

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This makes it Bologna The sixth Italian city for high prices, Among the capitals and municipalities of more than 150 thousand inhabitants, by Ravenna (tithing), Parma (fourteenth) e Modena (eighteen).

In the shopping cart comes the bloodshed Vegetables 7.2%. Compared to December 2020 but also by 4.9% compared to November. Even worse than that oils and fats (+8%), Almost unchanged compared to November (+0.3%). but also Fruit (+4.1%) and fish (+3.6%) Help to raise the receipt.

The largest increase, given the data processed by the statistics office of Palazzo d’Accursio, is that of Energy Commodities: Here the increase was 29.8%. who received Electricity and gas bill In recent weeks I already realize that. Those who fill up on petrol these days know that the pain in the pockets of Bolognese certainly will not end by 2021.

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