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The Season Pass contains additional animations and more –

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Callisto protocol Its release date is approaching, and in the meantime, some details regarding it are emerging season couponwhich was leaked in the last few hours on the official Steam page and apparently contains it too Additional hero and enemy animations.

This is a somewhat unusual choice but not too surprising, now considering how these items have become almost standard customization tools in other situations.

The Callisto Protocol, a scene from the game

The weird thing is that we’re mainly talking about a single-player game here, so implementing the new animations seems inconsequential.

In particular, these are additional animations that relate to Jacob’s death Or encounter some enemies during the game: Even Dead Space, a series that Glen Schofield worked on himself and for which Callisto Protocol is a kind of “spiritual sequel,” has the distinction of showing some specific and somewhat disturbing fatalities. that the protagonist can encounter, and the new game seems to be taking the same approach in this element as well.

The Contagion Bundle included with the Season Pass includes “13 Jacob’s Death Animations”, while the Riot Pack adds “new area Not yet discovered” and also “12 new animations for enemies.” These are somewhat unusual choices, but they fall within the style of Callisto Protocol, who seems to want to insist specifically on these scenes to feed the feeling of anguish and oppression on the protagonist and players.

For the rest, in the Season Pass we find the “Outer Way Skin Set” that allows you to wear the Outer Way armor, a protest movement against UJC, as well as the aforementioned Contagion Pack which includes 13 additional Jacob’s death animations plus the Watchtower skin and the Contagion game mode The new one that increases the difficulty level and introduces the permanent death condition. The Riot Pack, in addition to the 12 additional enemy animations, introduces a new Black Iron Prison area and a new Riot Mode.

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The Callisto Protocol will be available from December 2, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, we already saw the official launch announcement a few days ago.

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