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MUSA – After Maratona Rock and Hot to Be Peppers, it’s now a space for the music the Boomers love

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Hot to be Peppers Show (Photo by Renato Greppi)

Saturday evening, in the Piazza Antico Ospedale, after the second part of rock marathonwho witnessed the performance of the first group even if he is no longer with Alessandro Guido) that Tony Bisiglia Played in the first edition of 1993, The crazy excuse which ends in i race 00 The word, rather the music, moves to the band hot to be pepperwhich closed two days of rock, funk, metal, etc., to track the great successes of the California band Hot red pepper.

Close the race 00 rock marathon (photo Greppi)

They played and sang Emmanuel tycozyAnd the Emmanuel RivaAnd the Marco Sangalli And the Jonathan Vitale. All with a live broadcast experience and studio who, in parallel with the RHCP salute, continue tracks of unreleased songs with other groups.

After giving space to rock music, this weekend MUSA will tackle another type of music, live in antipodes, with the event taking place on Saturday 23 July in Old Porta Casal Commissionwhich is now traditional Waiting for the festival“Every year it is expected and presented”Baneasa Festival”, now in its 30th edition: the protagonist is a much more popular type of music, especially among “Boomers” and the well-known and beloved Vercelli bakery.

Historical band “Il Folle Pretesto” with Tony Bisiglia

The appointment, with free admission, is precisely Saturday 23 July at 9:30 pm in Piazza Antico Ospedalwhere to entertain the audience with music and dances will be the show’s orchestra I am Isaiah. In addition, the committee chefs will offer everyone a taste of the famous panesa vercelli, cooked to perfection.

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