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How to choose the perfect color for clothes according to Science – Magazine

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Skin color is essential to choosing the outfit that enhances us the most

Stylists and fashionistas know this well: to choose the right color to wear, you need to take into account the skin, hair and eyes. It’s unfortunate that when trends change, so does advice on combinations. Then there is a global standard to define it more scientifically Which color of the outfit enhances us the most Behind the vicissitudes of the moment? Psychologists and neuroscientists at the University of St Andrews in Scotland tried to prove this with an experiment aimed at making sure which combinations were more valued in the eyes of others. Answer: preferences should be determined in two directions, Blue for fair skin And red and orange for olive or tanned.

Tastes match

The researchers showed 160 volunteers facing pictures of twelve white women, six With light skin and darker skin. Through a special program, the participants had to choose the color that suits them It fits better in every face, freely selected in a range that includes all possible shades. Despite the range of shades available, Preferences centered Specifically in the two options above: 75% of participants cited blue for light skin and warm colors from orange to red for olive skins.

Why do we prefer these two groups?

The researchers put forward a hypothesis to explain distinct trends toward these two intermarriages. According to them, people subconsciously associate cold colors, such as blue, with In cold climates, where light-skinned individuals usually live; Vice versa Warm colors to warm the climate, which is inhabited in the imagination of individuals with dark skin.

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The theory will need to be verified by further research. Meanwhile, the result obtained by the study was of double benefit: “Clothes plays An important role in self-esteem and mental health“, Comments from one of the authors, Rainer SpringelmeyerIt is therefore important to identify rules that can help people To look her best. In addition, the global fashion industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and color is a major factor in choosing clothes.”

The study has been published In i-Percpetion magazine.

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