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The Russians turn to torrents for performances in the cinema: this is how they got around the building

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Due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine, many film studios seem to have stopped distributing their films in Russia. However, titles still appeared in theaters using pirated videos downloaded from torrent sites as a source; How do they deal with this unpleasant situation?

While there was a ban, users still got what they wanted –

there war Drove Many comp To take a strong stand on the matter, such as SonyAnd WarnerAnd Disney And Basicwhich suspended any kind of relations with Russia with regard toNew movies released at country salt.

This created a huge problem in their problem Produce cinematicit is no coincidence that the upcoming Russian films did not have Itself jack On the public International, in addition there seems even obstacles They are in the halls.

L ‘Russian Association From the owners of cinemas, two months ago I know which – which: “The sanctions imposed by the United States, the European Union and a number of other countries on the Russian Federation in February 2022 have a significant negative impact on performance, as we can say, on the ability to have cinemas in Russia. ”

solutions in this regard

The Russians turn to torrents for performances in the cinema: this is how they got around the building
Unfortunately, in such situations, you have to ask yourself how it all began –

Talking about National filmsthe commission said that Russian manufacturers have decided to withdraw Securities Distribution Only when, according to the government, they could have been Launched with success. From what is known, it is possible that they decided to do it Waiting for better times And a wider audience we show them. Anyway, the continent It is definitely more complicated how is he show nowbut it could have an alternative with an example publishing from The Batman Still on the bill at Greenwich Cinemas Yekaterinburgin Russia, where the site says that:Advertising [di The Batman] It is authored and published by event/activities organizers who rent cinemas.“By doing this, whatever Come expected at these CinemaPractically no longer their problem.

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Finally, we concludeTitle Leave a very important statement fromRussian Association For owners of multimedia rooms, and what was issued by document official: “We are concerned about the illegal public display of films that do not have the right to show them in theaters. We understand that such situations are mainly caused by the panic that arose due to the lack of an effective state response to the current plight of Russian cinemas, and the failure of the Russian film industry to solve the problem in the short term of offering amazing and interesting cinema to a large audience, despite the wonderful support Film production financed by the state budget. The public presentation of illegal pirated, or rather, stolen, copies of films in cinemas takes the Russian film industry out of the realm of legality and takes us back to the dark days of illegal trafficking in the 1990s.”

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