December 10, 2023

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The Russian convoy is scattered near Kyiv, and this is a bad sign –

The Russian convoy is scattered near Kyiv, and this is a bad sign –
to Lorenzo Cremonese, sent to Kyiv, and Davide Casati

A convoy of tens of kilometers that had been stationary for several days on the road to Kyiv repositioned itself in the forests: according to analysts, artillery pieces were lifted into the firing position.

For several days, the convoy remained motionless along the route. Kilometers and Kilometers Occupied by Russian Military Vehicles: A Pillar Looms as a Threat to the Ukrainian Capital.

Today, new satellite images seem to show it Russian army convoy It spread widely, spread in forests and towns near Kyiv.

According to military experts from News agencyThis is a very bad sign: The convoy prepares to attack. Some armored units were seen in cities near the Antonov airfield north of the city, and other vehicles moved into the forests with howitzers nearby to fire.

In short, the reptile positions are changed by self-propelled artillery and mortars: this means that The Russian plan is going according to plan, slowly but surely – Kharkiv is surrounded, Dnipro is under attack, we move to the west.

The bombing of Kyiv becomes more realistic, and more likely: Putin will have no mercy on this city.

The Russian column swarmed outside the town early last week, but its progress appears to have stalled as news of food and fuel shortages spread.

The Americans talk about two weeks to complete the encirclement and more than six to take the city.

US officials said Ukrainian forces targeted the convoy with anti-tank missiles.

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And yesterday, American sources confirmed a gradual encirclement of the capital: the Moscow army advanced about 5 km in the past 24 hours, and some elements are now 15 km from the city.

Add to that deeply disturbing rhetoric about chemical weapons: Moscow accuses Kyiv of building them and of helping prop up the West. The United States, which claims that these accusations serve only to pave the way for Russian attacks with this type of weapon, as happened in Syria – specifically with Moscow’s blessing.

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