September 27, 2023

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The rink in Via Etruria is named after Poccetti, founder of the first hockey association in Follonica

The rink in Via Etruria is named after Poccetti, founder of the first hockey association in Follonica

Follonica – the route of the Via Etruria from this morning bears the name Giuliano Boquete, founder of the first city hockey association. Poccetti’s family members, his wife, daughter, granddaughters, representatives of SCS 84, and Mayor Andrea Benigni participated in the ceremony.

Roller hockey is one of the main symbols of the Fulani sport and is undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular in the city, represented throughout Italy and even beyond national borders. Among all the historical and symbolic representatives of this sport, the figure of Giuliano Puccitti stands out.

Founder as a kid—in 1953 when he was 13—of the city’s first hockey league, Poccetti was a player when Follonica first went to Serie A, and was a coach and then a kids’ coach, and head of the youth and youth divisions. Longtime President Follonica Hockey. Not only that: Poccetti was for a long time within the national administrative apparatus, first in the National Hockey Committee on the rink, then in the National League as president, and then head of the technical sector from 1984 to 1997 (a period rich in sports results with the victory of 3 world championships).

“Poccetti was a man who lived on hockey and gave so much of himself to the sport and to the city – the mayor commented Andrea Benigni A man, despite the physical difficulties that sometimes slow him down and slows him down, was never able and wanted to quit his sport to the end.
Of all his experiences, it remains the indelible mark of SCS 84 that had vital space on the Cassarello track, which until then had no definite connotation, which has since become a symbol of a dream and which for a decade was the second or perhaps even the first The house of Giuliano Bochetti.

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Giuliano Bochetti’s history in city hockey had a very meaningful interlude between the 1980s and 1990s when he founded SCS 84, propelled by his idea of ​​the sport. Many years what will happen next at the city level and the national level. The name of the sports club is an acronym for the three regions Senzuno, Cassarello and Salciaina, with the addition of the start date of the activities ’84.

Around the Via Etruria (for us the Cassarello route), the three bowling greens and their desire for development, brought together more than a hundred children and all their families, primarily driven by the joy of being together and this very important. They have managed in a short time to create a community that has expanded its borders far beyond sports frontier.