Home entertainment “I can really do anything but nudes you can’t. I don’t do rai because I don’t like women”

“I can really do anything but nudes you can’t. I don’t do rai because I don’t like women”

“I can really do anything but nudes you can’t. I don’t do rai because I don’t like women”

to me Cinema Since last Thursday,Friends for ever “ From Pierluigi de Lalothe winnerSmile Different Rome Awardthe 58-year-old Romanian Nancy Brilli He tests himself in a dramatic role: She is the mother who, along with her husband (Massimo Ginni), faces the sudden illness of her 25-year-old son. A true story that happened to the actor’s family Rodolfo Laganawhose son Filippo – now fully recovered – plays himself in the film.

Dramatic roles ever. Because?

“If you play well, it looks like you have to repeat it all your life. A Christmas movie I made, Christmas on a cruise, but everyone is convinced I made 100. They don’t give me drama. It happened a while ago, but it was movies with sex scenes or Naked. Which I don’t do.”


“Not a chance. Nudity is something I don’t really know how to manage.” How do you see in a drama? “I’m an actress, I do what it takes. This is a very difficult photo, my face is closely framed. You can see that I don’t have “weird” lips. I am a woman.”

what do you mean by that?

“I can also be credible as a mother to a 25-year-old. Instead, they keep sending me old install texts.”

Nancy Brilli vs. “Rehearsal” costume: “Don’t worry. No more stupid problems.” A positive body message is a hymn to freedom

This is the mother of a sick boy, is she so?

“If this happens to you, you should be. You have no choice. I accepted the role because I have been friends with Rodolfo for thirty years, and the woman I play in the film is my partner’s ex-wife. I knew their history ».

Have your health problems resolved?

“I’ve had an endometrial cyst all my life. In the end, after eight operations, she won: she solved the problem by removing the uterus and ovaries. ”

What helped her in those moments?

“Books are more than family. I studied, trusted myself, I was in the analysis. Today I still dedicate myself to those who suffer from it.” Selvaggia Lucarelli, via social media, accused her of supporting causes she did not know. “Everyone is free to speak. But I don’t let myself get swayed if posts are cliched or out of context. Lots of people talk nonsense.”

Is it true that he took a course in using social media?

“During the pandemic. I was bored to death, I decided to learn. I closed Facebook, I only use Instagram.”

Is it a biography? Several colleagues wrote one on Pandemic.

“Yes, quite a lot. They have suggested to me a few times, but honestly I don’t want to end up in the pile of books from some publisher taking advantage of my story.”

Would you like to turn yourself into a Pierfrancesco Favino?

“I gained weight for Katrina and her daughters (in 2007, editor) and in this movie, in some scenes, I’m a monster. But that’s fine. Who knows why he thinks actresses want to be the “good looks” of the movie. I don’t want to be a blonde with a waistline forever.”

The Resistance of Rome / We Hermits of San Saba in the Street as in a Movie – Pier Francesco Favino

Women and Cinema: Is it better after Mito?

“Well, in short. Take someone like Paola Courtelesi, very good. Someone who has her own staff and has written the roles for herself: other than the cabbage they make her do the poncho or the burgatara. One day De Laurentiis (producer, editor) told me: “Keep in mind this work is a chauvinist, women do not bring people to the cinema.” Sorry, I said, but if someone like me filled the theatres, the cinema would probably lack the guts to bet, wouldn’t it? He replied, “No.” And it ended there.”

Cinema. And the TV?

“I didn’t like a person, a woman, shutting the door in my face. I don’t say who. But I haven’t worked for Rai for 17 years and six years I haven’t worked for Mediaset ».

Will he come back if…?

“…if they make me drive another crazy evening. I could see myself there.”

But a few days ago she was on “Drag Race” on Discovery. Nancy Brilly, a gay symbol?

“I love clouds, but I don’t know if it’s an icon. Now they all feel like gay icons, so calling themselves is trendy. But honestly, it’s either Patti Bravo, or rather if you take a big step back.”

Nancy Brilly for “Mena … Free”: “I have always chosen to interpret the strong and independent woman”

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