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The revenge of the losers does not fly on the air because / Su Raitre space in Filorosso

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Losers’ revenge no air to make room for Special from FilorossoIt is an in-depth program that examines in this issue the possible scenarios related to the government’s crisis, among questions about the future, the economic crisis and the movements of the parties. So skip the date with Revenge of the Losers, which earned a Golden Globe nomination, BAFTA Spirit Awards, Critics Choice Award, and Writers Guild Awards. In Italy, the film made €342,000 in its first three weeks of programming, while in its first weekend alone, the film made €192,000. In the film’s cast, we also find stratospheric Lisa Kudrow playing Charmaine Entsler who is voiced in the Italian version by Rossella Acerbo. Many remember her for the role of Phoebe Buffay in the sitcom Friends, but she starred in many other works. Born in Los Angeles on July 30, 1963, she made her film debut in 1989’s Todd Hughes Los Angeles in One Day. Instead, the same year arrives on television with an episode of Cin Cin, a popular television series from the 1980s. So cute and beautiful, she conquered the audience, as we mentioned, for a strange role that was then re-proposed, and it never worked, even in other commercial productions.

Revenge of the Losers, Ray 3, directed by Olivia Wilde

Losers’ revenge broadcast on Rai 3 today Friday 15 July start from 21.20. This is the 2019 comedy, distributed by Eagle Pictures and produced by Annapurna Pictures and Gloria Sanchez Productions. Directed by Olivia Wilde. She was born as an actress in the TV series Skins and The O.C. He debuted in 2004 with The Girl Next Door. In recent years, she has also tried her hand at the director’s role and recently directed Don’t Worry My Love and Revenge of the Losers.

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The actors are: Kaitlyn Dever, in the twelve years of her career, she has translated eight films and three television series. The other heroine is actress Penny Feldstein, known for her participation in the American Crime Story TV series. The cast also includes Noah Galvin, Jessica Williams, and Billie Lourd.

Revenge of the losers movie plot

Losers’ revenge he is A film that addresses some of the problems of adolescents. The two protagonists are two young girls, Molly and Amy, who, a few days after graduating from high school, realize that they have spent most of their time studying and proving to everyone that they are typical students, losing interest in entertainment and being separated from others. Adolescent World of Rebellions. For them up to that point to pass means to skip a question or get an insufficient grade, but outside the walls of the school there is a life they don’t even know, consisting of amusement, entertainment and knowledge. The two friends, in addition to sharing their childhood, want to treat themselves to a moment of crazy fun.

They decide to make up for lost time and catch up with their peers by doing everything they haven’t done in recent years, in one night. Molly manages to convince Amy to attend Nick’s graduation party, but this is just the beginning of a series of adventures. The two would give themselves up to crazy joy by experiencing whatever kind of high they stayed away from during high school, and experiencing what they would remember throughout their lives as the most amazing and most transcendent night.

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Revenge of the Losers Trailer Video

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