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The release date appears on the Microsoft Store with the weight of the game –

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Through the Microsoft Store, the release date appears to have been discovered Diablo 4: According to the information indicated, the date to be marked on the calendar is June 5, 2023 at 23:00 UTC, which should shift to midnight between 5 and 6 June 2023 for Italy. Also, you must weigh the game 80 GB.

Information has been shared before Lumia updates, Twitter account, and it comes from the backend of the Microsoft Store. For this reason it is not official information and cannot be considered confirmed and final. At the moment it is just a leak and we must treat it as such.

Moreover , Game weight – assuming it is currently correct – probably not final: by the time it is released, there will definitely be some updates and the weight should change. Also, 80 GB refers to the Xbox version, so the PC and PlayStation versions may differ.

For now that’s all we know about a leak From Diablo 4. There is nothing left but to wait for new information about the game and its release date.

According to recent indications, a big announcement is expected at The Game Awards 2022: many believe that it is the release date and that the fact that it has now appeared through the Microsoft Store does nothing but arouse suspicion.

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