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The relationship between humans, animals and food

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“Man, Animals and Food” was the theme of the third meeting, which was held in Castelnuovo Fogliani as part of the Dinner with Science initiatives promoted by the Confagricoltura of Piacenza that have been interrupted in recent years by the pandemic, as highlighted by President Michelle. Ludigiani, who deserves credit for following the tradition.

Just Michel Ludigiani, in welcoming the participants, focused on the etymology of the word soul and how its term extended to “animal”, giving something in common with them, even if its meaning belongs to our natural morality, as shown in the human race, because he has regained consciousness of himself and of the responsibility that he must bear it. Speaking on the topic, Father Mirco Dalla Torre, pastor of the Diocese of Vittorio Veneto and responsible for the patronage of circuses and traveling shows in Treveneto, explained at once the relationship between man and animal in, the creature, starting with the Bible, witness to being in art. In field work, in battles, in games, in the stands.

The so-called talking animals, due to their ability to say a few words, or perform other subjects, along with specimens of exotic animals, strengthened their confidence with the man in the circus, who was born halfway. The eighteenth century AD by the English Asteley and Huges, as a region, where animals enjoy the public and find protection in the relationship between the person living in captivity and the man who is entrusted with their custody. The seat of circus life is the tent or chapeau. The tradition of the circus, in which animals are an active part of the entertainment of spectators, is passed down from generation to generation, while on the other hand, more in-depth research on the lives and needs of the heroes breaks the spear. Against the need to give them freedom and not to be present in games and shows.

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As Don Mirko pointed out, knowledge of animal behavior and sensitivity created a real “animal” attitude to make it an element of distinction, taking positions scientifically and humanely away from what animals are, along with man and in human life, supported by many arguments, which could have Also valuable, however, to the point of not confusing animal rights with human responsibilities. The complexity of the topics covered and the supporting documentation for the explanation were the subject of a series of questions, to which the speaker answered to the satisfaction of the interested and attentive.

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