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The region, the capital of science Ts and the place where different religions meet

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Trieste, May 20 – With Esof 2020, Trieste has been recognized as the capital of science, a result that has formalized the result already achieved in practice, thanks to the presence of several high-ranking research centers at the international level. However, we must not forget that Trieste has always been a place of meeting and dialogue between different religions and cultures, which managed to live in harmony, giving life to the communities that contributed to the development of the city in mutual respect.

In short, this is the message that the Regional Adviser for Local Self-Government gave at the opening of the free interactive exhibition “Towards Where? Explore Trieste Yesterday, We Build Our City Tomorrow”, as a result of a course of reflection undertaken by students developed for Junior High Schools Julia, Lionello Stock, Italo Svevo and the Institute State Higher Education Giosuè Carducci-Dante Alighieri thanks to the project “Faith and Science: Two Eyes to Imagine the City of the Future”, in which nearly a thousand students and 150 teachers from Trieste, Gorizia, Cerviniano, Udine and also from Slovenia participated.

Speaking with the Bishop of Trieste and the President of the Municipal Council, the Prefect of the Regional Council, after praising the students and their teachers, explained how the exhibition is particularly important, since it explains, even through the lives of the illustrious. Scholars, the relationship between science and faith: two separate but not opposing facts. The first is in fact necessary to give answers to many questions and improve human existence, and its role in combating the epidemic is evidence of this, and the second is fundamental to addressing issues related to spirit and spirit.

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The works on display are just some of the many products that have arisen from the originality and commitment of the chapters involved in the project, which aims to focus on girls and boys and their vision of the contemporary city, not just the critical thinking they are involved in. with the territory, but also their tangible experience of life in Trieste.

Five different themes covered in the exhibition have become many spaces for contemplation, thus forming a real itinerary for the visitor, to which is added an exhibition space where the visitor meets the memories of two scientists and researchers, the physicist Luciano Fonda and the engineer. Vittorio Longo and the doctor and priest Marcello Labour.

The exhibition, which took place at Sala Xenia of Riva Tre Novembre 9 in Trieste, will be open every day until 29 May from 10 to 19. The project was implemented in collaboration with the Trieste Diocesan School Office, USIM – Department of Trieste, sponsored by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional School Office and a contribution from Region. arc / master / d

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