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“Football should be more global”

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Milan – The FIFA President Gianni Infantino spoke by video during the New York session of the FIFA Diploma in Club Management, the course in which they participated. CEOs from all over the world and football greats like Carli Lloyd, Tim Cahill, Fernandinho, John Terry and Juan Mata. “Clubs must reach better standards than ever – number one in world football said – because it is true that there is a gap between some countries in Europe – not all of Europe, but some countries – and the rest of the world. That’s why I’m glad you represent the whole world. What we have to do is close the gap, not lower the standards of the great European clubs, because they must also continue to grow, but the rest of the world must also grow and ensure a more competitive world of football.” The FIFA president said it was crucial for club managers to be aware of issues such as matches, competitions, talent training and transfer rules, and to have an understanding of global football. “It is important that everyone involved understand the world’s concerns and comments to make football truly global.”

More clubs from all over the world – Infantino He reiterated that he wants to work for a future in which at least 50 clubs from around the world are strong enough to win the Club World Cup: “Maybe 20 of those clubs will be European, which is fine, but another 30 will have to come. From the other five continents. If that happens, it will be great.” One of the many attractions of the course is the high profile of each of the speakers, which includes high-level CEOs from around the world, and the participants, including some active and former players who will have the tools and knowledge needed to run a successful football club. They include Tim Cahill, who has scored for Australia in three World Cups, and Fernandinho, whose numerous awards have included 11 national titles won by Ukraine and England. The Brazilian explained: “QI am very excited to finish this course, to learn more and more and to be able to put it into practice in the future when I am an ex-player. As Infantino said, we must try to make football more global.”

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