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He entered the shopping center with his SUV and went up to the second floor: “Excuse me, where is the exit?” video

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Take the car to the second floor of A Shopping Center Instead of leaving it in the parking lot, this is not a good solution. This is evidenced by what happened in the South Shore Plaza shopping center on the outskirts of the city Bostonwhere a woman drives it SUV carsFor some incomprehensible reasons, he drove to the second floor of the building. Immortalized in photos and videos by the stunned visitors of the mall, the woman was then stopped by security and later by the police.

“His mother died,” they organize the funeral, and then the shocking discovery: the deceased was a bed neighbor

Strolling in the shopping center

It was around noon when the woman driving her Lincoln MKX slowly passed the bewildered shopkeepers, who must have thought of a joke. Driving the vehicle, which does not go unnoticed due to its size, was an elderly lady who told police that she drove the SUV across a pedestrian bridge, then drove to the entrance to the shopping center where the double automatic doors are located. Unlock and let you in.

Archie’s mother, who died at 12: “I didn’t have time to save him. Someday we’ll be together again”

The woman drove about half the length of a football field down the main driveway on the second floor of the mall until someone told her to stop. “When I looked up, there was a car in the corner of my window. I got in, turned left, and eventually someone stopped it,” store clerk Stacey Bartkus told NBC Boston. A woman who drives an SUV, once asked, “Do you know how to get out of here?”

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