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The redevelopment of the football stadium “Vesna” in Santa Croce has been completed

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“An exceptional field has been created, a great job that will give a new impetus to the sport and which can become a renewed sports center at the service of Santa Croce and Altipiano, paying special attention to young people – said Mayor Roberto Dipiazza during the press conference at the end of the work of the football stadium “Vesna di S, Croce ” , in the presence of Public Works Consultants Elisa Lodi and Sport Giorgio Rossi, Principal of the School and Sport Building Service, G. Luigi Fantini and President of Asd Vesna Calcio, Roberto Fedoni with representatives of the Western Region Paolo Fedoni and representatives of the FGCI Domenico Nicodemo-.” Significant investment – Dipiazza added – In the name of the program already implemented in my former states that made it possible to redevelop the fields of San Giovanni, San Luigi, Trieste Calcio, Polisportiva Opicina and Sant’Andrea with continued targeted interventions. “.

A major redevelopment, as confirmed by consultants Lodi and Rossi, which will give Vesna the status thanks to the new flooring of the artificial turf pitch, the only one that allows significant use, due to its chemical-physical properties and the lower need for maintenance. The stadium (with dimensions of 100.00 x 57.60 meters) is built according to the latest technology using the latest generation materials and in compliance with the regulations of the National Amateur League, with the approval of the Championships of Excellence. The fence and gates around the camp were also reconstructed for a total amount of €700,000.

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“Investments in sports facilities in recent years amounted to 32 million euros and we will continue to make them, also in other structures – not only football, such as gymnasiums, to ensure complete safety,” said Commissioner Lodi.

“We want the sports structures to be flawless from every point of view, in line with the regulations and also in terms of the long-term concessions also thanks to the regional funds. We will certainly continue down the path that we have already taken.”

President Fedone, who thanked Mayor Dipiazza and council members with his assistants for the important result, emphasized the fact that with the redevelopment of Vesna there will be a huge leap in quality in the youth sector, inEspecially for 90 young people, which gives a new impetus to sports activity, which is necessary to make them grow well, and at the same time also attracts young people from other karst countries. ”

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