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The rare stupid movie (rating 4)

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Thus the crossing of Gloria Mundi. I clapped Poor creatures!I would have gladly booed (but education prevented that) Yorgos Lanthimos’s “Kinds of Kindness” at the contest, three episodes of rare ignorance strung together. From the usual contempt for humanity. In the first (Death of RMF) an employee (Jesse Plemons) under the control of his master (Willem Dafoe), having always accepted what he imposes on him, including his choice of wife, is willing to refuse to run over one of the workers. An unfortunate person at full speed; In the second (RMF Flies) a policeman (Plemons again) becomes convinced that his wife (Emma Stone), rescued after a shipwreck at sea, is only a doppelganger of the original and begins asking her increasingly crazy things to satisfy his paranoia; In Part Three (RMF Eats a Sandwich) a cult member (always Stone) searches for a dead woman’s twin (Margaret Qualley) to bring the deceased back to life. I imagine that The movie’s point is for poor “RMF” to be the archetypal decoyboth to capture people’s masochism and their need for social recognition but apart from the little game of using the same faces in all the episodes (Stone also has a small part in the first episode, Dafoe and Qualley in all three, and Plemons also in the last) cases They are so extreme that they have no credibility If the goal was to mock the aggressive temptations of puritan America, the result would be a miserable failure.

Certainly more interesting Oh, Canada Paul Schrader is based on the novel of the same name by Russell Banks: At the end of his life, Leonard Fife (Richard Gere), who fled to Canada during wartime, agrees to tell his story on camera. Vietnam War and later became a popular progressive documentarian. But that interview, while he feels that life is leaving him, also becomes the way to confess to his wife (Uma Thurman), who witnesses the filming, the many “lies” on which he built his life. Which for Schrader, after a life spent inventing stories that wanted to question the surrounding world, serves to reflect on the relationship between reality and fiction: to do this, he mixes the levels, and uses a young Leonard Fife (Jacob Elordi) who is sometimes unrealistically replaced with That Gere plays and by quoting Freud and Susan Sontang, he also calls his own career into question.

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More traditional in narrative but compelling Romanian movie Three kilometers to the finish A world in which two parents discover that their son (Cyprian Chiogdia) has been severely beaten because he is gay, a very serious sin in a small rural town where everyone, starting with the priest, considers him a dangerous corrupt person. This is a position that the film illustrates by highlighting the prejudices and selfishness in a world locked in its intolerance.

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