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The provocative Israeli minister who distributes weapons (and angers the United States) –

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to David Frattini

Ben Gvir leads internal security and is the leader of the settlers. Giving rifles and machine guns to citizen teams. The United States warns: It should only be given to the military and police

From our correspondent
Jerusalem –

He goes He walks around with a gun, he likes to draw it: Against an Arab guard in a parking lot in Tel Aviv who said he threatened him. Waving it towards Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, despite being surrounded and protected by the Israeli police.

Troubled and troubled, so far Minister of National Security for 11 monthsItamar Ben Gvir travels around the country as if on an election campaign, organizing public events where Distributes rifles and machine guns For community protection teams because, as he declares, if a gun can save a family, a rifle can save an entire apartment complex.

The leader of the Jewish power offers her It angered the Americans: Most of the supplies come from the United States and the State Department has threatened to stop them if they are not supplied exclusively to the military and police. Moreover, the settler representative – who lives in Kiryat Arba, Not far from the Palestinian city of Hebron – Set up deliveries with photographers in cities like Bnei Brak and Elad where votes for the right are intensified. Washington also warned that it may block orders placed by the Israeli government with private manufacturers.

More than 700 neighborhood patrols were formed across the country after the October 7 massacres. To appease allies, they must now wear vests that make them easily recognizable and avoid the influence of citizens. Ben Gvir has already been sponsoring the granting of new weapons licenses in recent months, an additional 30,000 since the beginning of 2023. Israel has always had very restrictive licensing laws and applications have been decreasing. This trend was reversed during the 11-day conflict against Hamas in May 2021, with clashes occurring in cities where Israeli Jews and Arabs live together.

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Penny GantzThe former Minister of Defense who left the opposition to join the limited war government, It intervened specifically to maintain that spontaneous unity and solidarity after the massacresThe terrorists also killed at least 20 Arabs: Pain unites us, we are fighting for the home of which you are a part. Mansour Abbas, leader of the Arab Raam Party, called on his followers not to respond to provocations and not to incite violence.

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