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The price is still low, the brands that offer more discount

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The recent increases in petrol and diesel have hit Italian families and businesses hard.

There is a shortage of European diesel reserves, and the fear of pressure on the fuel is strong. But only during this time There is a mosaic on the front of diesel and petrol. Let’s see why prices are low and how to find the cheapest pumps.

Among the gas stations it has started A real race to the bottom But the fines also had their weight. In fact, the authorities set out to find fraudulent gas station workers who charged prices higher than those offered.

Fines for scammers

The fines were floated at many Italian gas stations, and thus gas stations realized that it was best not to take advantage of the situation too much.

Among other things, even the international fuel market in recent days has recorded a decline so that the main players in energy and oil can reduce the pressure on prices. However, this fuel cut is also the work of the government. In fact, the government has repeatedly asserted that there is genuine international speculation to keep petrol and diesel prices subtly high. To be sure, the fear of getting bogged down in antitrust misdeeds has convinced the oil giants to charge lower prices. In short, in the complex game about the cost of fuel, something is moving and prices are already starting to fall.

discount race

In many parts of Italy they reached up to 2 euros Obviously thank you motorists. Among other things, it should also arrive now The reduction in excise duties that were promised by the government and should decrease further at least for the month of April fuel prices. So a little breathing room on all fronts. However, this resulted in a rather strange situation. In fact, he pumps gasoline in various cities Now they also have completely different prices from each other.

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lowest prices

This is normal, but with this drop in prices, the spread has increased even more. Therefore, in this particular period, those applications that allow you to compare costs between pumps in the vicinity are especially useful To find the cheapest one. In fact, more than looking for the cheapest brand you have to look for Look at the local situation on a case-by-case basis And find, thanks to the application, a gas station operator who can charge the lowest price.

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