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Skier engulfed in avalanche with camera on, impressive video

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Check Avalanche flyers carefully! Perhaps this is the recommendation Alpine Rescue (and us too) has found itself most often addressing winter sports enthusiasts in recent months. Be aware of the expected degree of danger, before putting on your shoes and/or skis can make the difference between having a memorable day and a memorable one. Proof of this is a video shared on Instagram by Owen LieberAWESOME SKATE EXPERT AND SKIALP Native from Aspen, Colorado, Avalanche swept While skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. there 360-degree camera rotation On the helmet at the time of separation, thanks to which Owen himself identifies himself as “scary video”allows us to reflect in retrospect with the protagonist himself, on the accident and the possibility of its avoidance.

The descent seemed endless

The accident occurred in the second week of February, on a day when, Owen recalled, an average level of avalanche danger had been predicted. The sky was clear and the temperature dropped to a few degrees below zero. I wasn’t too worried about an avalancheBecause the snowpack had several days to settle after the last storm and the winds were keeping the snow cold, so I didn’t even assume I’d find any wet slides.” What worried him the most was the fact that the channel he was preparing to take was narrow and rocky. “That’s why when I fell I thought ‘here we are’.”

a channel he had previously encountered twice previously, “And they pulled out of it twice because it was so rocky”. I knew I had to be slowto assess the conditions well before crossing him on skis.”

And in the video, he can be seen going down carefully, lapping for the first time, for the second time, for the third time here is the gap. “I tried to hold on to my hands to avoid slipping but the snow dragged my skis down, then I tried to reach for the airbag but my shoulder was buried in the snow and I couldn’t get there before preparing to collide with the rocks.”

Owen started Slip affects rocksTry to keep your feet down and your head up to avoid hitting your face on the stone. Descent basically lasted less than a minute, but even to a spectator watching his recording, it seemed to last forever. in the end, “I miraculously bounced off the last bit of rock into the snow. It stopped and all the snow fell, I knew immediately my shoulders were out of place, but I was amazed that there was nothing else hurting me.”

At that point, he called for help from a friend who joined him on skis. They tried to put the shoulder back in place, to allow him to continue down the sled towards the valley, but there was no way. So they chose ask for help. Teton County Search and Rescue flew in to pick him up.

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It is important to reduce risks

Later, lucky to be able to find out what happened, Owen comments “Every day in the mountains is risky, there is not a single day in the season when avalanche danger is nil. Every skier understands the risks. The important thing is to reduce the risks as much as possible, but they can’t be completely avoided if you do extreme skating. I feel very fortunate to have walked away with minor injuries. I will definitely think about this incident whenever I am around.”

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