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Science City, a weekend dedicated to food and nutrition with exhibitions and events for adults and children

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With Christmas approaching, there are many delicious traditional foods enriching the tables. At Città della Scienza Weekend December 18 and 19 It is dedicated to food and its contribution to the health of our bodies and all of its transformations.

starts with Gastropolis, a fun science game to rebuild, with the guidance of the conductors of Le Nuvole Scienza, Path of food within different organs And clarify doubts and curiosity about the human body gasoline.

The interactive lab told me what to eat and I’ll tell you what will happen to you is an opportunity not to be missed Learn more about nutrition and different macronutrientsThrough experiments and models you will discover all there is to know about proteins, sugars and fats.

Collaboration with Caffè Borbone continues through the La Pose non riposa laboratory and science presentation Coffee to travel through history, curiosity and science to discover the world’s most consumed beverage.

The public will also be able to visit the new thematic island, Sars-Cov-2: The Virus That Changed Our Lives, created inside the Corporea Museum, which tells the story of pandemicand the challenges that still await the research world and also society with its adaptations and transformations; exhibition Insects & Co. Dedicated to the wonderful world of small invertebrates. exhibition 7 steps to sustainability, where you can experience smart and sustainable home building and of course the Corporea Museum and the amazing displays of the Planetarium.

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