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Ambassador Bridge in Canada and Italy “blocked”, reinforced Green Pass duty triggered

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There is no difference between a green passport in the workplace, public and private sectors, employees or self-employed. Without certification, he was suspended from office and paid. Meanwhile, police in Canada cleared the “convoy of freedom” against restrictions and blocked the Ambassador Bridge, one of the main trade routes with the United States, for a week.

Emanuela Campanile – Vatican City

In the world – from New Zealand to Europe – Novax protests have been inspired by mobilization against anti-Govt activities in Canada in recent weeks, with police managing to remove and reopen the Ambassador Bridge in Ontario. Major trade routes between Canada and the United States.

Struggle in Canada

Protesters of the “Conway of Freedom” blocked the bridge for a week in protest of restrictions on the control of the corona virus. But if the Prime Minister of the Canadian province had decided to cancel the vaccination passport from March, The situation in other parts of Canada remains tense: Prime Minister Trudeau announced on Monday that he would implement emergency measures to deal with the protests.

In Italy, people over 50 and a green passport

Italy, meanwhile, is now forced to have a reinforced green pass at work – which can only be obtained through vaccination or recovery. Those without a valid green certificate will be fined between 600 and 1,500 euros. Whether they are public sector employees, private sector employees, working people or self-employed. Anyone attempting to enter offices, shops or any other workplace without a green certificate will be subject to suspension and pay from the office.

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Convoys of Freedom in Brussels

Part of the French No-Vox truckers’ movement, inspired by the Canadian mobilization, has decided to unite in Strasbourg, where the full session of the European Parliament is taking place. Today, according to a statement issued by the Telegram, the movement will deliver letters from citizens and associates collected along the route of the procession “after obtaining the guarantee of a meeting with some MEPs”. The next step is for Strasbourg to open “a democratic dialogue.”

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