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The poor demons, the serpents make their journey in the first race

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The Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza start the semi-final round with a 3-4 overtime defeat in the derby against Asiago and find themselves forced to chase the top five races of the series and seek immediate redemption from the next challenge on the FIA ​​circuit. The fifth, Saturday 30 April 2022, starting at 20:30. The qualifiers, as was said several times on the eve of the match, are a completely different story and could put everything into question, even if the previous matches in the league, the regular season and in the main round, have always “talked” in red and white: every match must be played at home The stadium, not to mention the derby.
Anticipation was reversed in this race (1) and the victory went to the Snakes, and they are good at believing them along the way, taking advantage of some of the hosts agility, fighting and determination until the last minute.
The Devils played a good game, staying in the lead until less than a minute from the end, but maybe they erred to assume, they made quite a few mistakes and were punished by returning first: 3-0 to 3-3 and then in overtime the winning goal by former player Enrico Chilodi He is a very experienced player.
Bitterness is in the house of the devils, knowing that only the first round has been played and that from Saturday it will be another story, but also in these races and against a team like Asiago we must not let our guard down.

the match
In the end, the penalties and goals of the first were decisive: he won the first play-off for Vicentine, in the only penalty kick launched in the first half, from Rodigiero at the Snakes, with Sigmund’s goal for the 1st. -0 Vicenza; Then in the second half, after the first half of the match ended with a double advantage from Vicenza thanks to the previous Cantelli goal, a penalty kick for the Devils, from Centofante, the first goal of the red and white with the deadly excitement of Delfino. – Sigmund leads to a 3-0 goal, then a goal for the snakes with Shifu, who spends Munari’s previous shot in the net for 3-1.

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A score of 3-0 and a goal in penalty kicks would have cut the legs of many teams, but not the Asians: Snakes do not give in, they respond well to the incursions of demons, not always clear and accurate in front of the goal. Thanks to Facchinetti’s input, they went 3-2, again with Schivo, less than six minutes from the end.
The game that gets more tense and confusing at times: the demons try to manage it without risk, the snakes squeeze and they insist. Contemporary penalty kick, from Cantell and Munari, both former, and 50 seconds to go, after trying and finding ready Michele Frigo on his way, former Matteo Rossetto, who scored to tie the Asians and to the party in standing Snake Bank. Recent assaults, but we go into overtime. Snakes are more aggressive, but again a decisive penalty: from Sigmund in Vicenza and 15 seconds after the return of the American, another former player is the protagonist: Chilodi, rebounding, mocked Julie from Vicenza and handed the victory to him his teammates.

SCOREBOARD – Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza – Asiago Vipers, 3-4 (2-0)
MAC Control Diavoli Vicenza
: Frigo Michele, Olando, Cantele, Francon, Delfino, Tabanelli, Dell’Uomo, Sigmund, Centofante, Ustignani, Baldan, Frigo N., Trevisan, Dal Sasso, Pace. Shepherd Maran F.
Asiago Fibers: Faccinetti, Stella G, Rossi, Berthoud, Banuzzo, Frigo Marco, Munari, Chivo, Bertil, Rossetto M, Levor, Spiller, Chilodi, Rodguero, Rossetto A, Basso. Rigoni’s flocks.
Referees: Ferrini and Rigoni M.
Networks – PT: 6.51 Sigmund (V) pp, 19.44 Cantele (V); ST: 22.42 Sigmund (V) pk, 24.07 Schivo (A) pp, 34.06 Schivo (A), 39.10 Rossetto M. (A); OT: 43.51 Chelodi (A) pp.

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