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Alessandro Ciani, “The Mother” is very famous: present in all his films

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Alessandro Siani is one of the most beloved comedic actors in the entire Italian cinema scene. He has acted in several films such as – to name a few – Welcome to the south And the Welcome to the North. In addition to this, in recent years he has also ventured into the role of director of some of his films. But do you know who his imaginary “mother” is? Really famous…

It is impossible not to love him and not laugh at his jokes! There are those who compare him with those who say that he is the absolute heir of Massimo Troisi, the good man Alessandro Ciani but how many know his mother who is practically everywhere with him?

Alessandro Ciani-

A true Neapolitan, over the course of time, he made himself known and loved by the common people for his utterly overwhelming innate sympathy, ten-man liveliness and praise for an absolutely unmistakable joke. In recent years, he has also tried his hand at other roles, such as the role of Director, Screenwriter and Producer. But do you know who plays the mother in her various films, all of which are highly regarded by Italians of all ages? Well, you must have already seen it many times on TV and beyond!

After many years spent working in the local networks of Naples, Alessandro Ciani made his national debut on Rai Due in 2003 on the program Bulldozer made by Federica Panicucci. And then he announced himself immediately after a Sunday in, Led by the brilliant Mara Venier. Then it came for him Success With a capital “S”…

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Turning point next to Bisio

Her first movie role was in the movie I leave you because I love you so much In the lead role, which allowed him to receive the award for Best Actor in the Nation Jifoni Film Festival. In the same year, he starred alongside him Christian de Sica in the movie Christmas in New York which – by the way – was the first movie where the Romanian actor and comedian does not appear alongside his historical colleague in Milan Massimo Boldi After a “break”, then healed with the film Friends like before After nearly two decades. But “The real turning point” It happened to Alessandro with the movies Welcome to the south And the Welcome to the NorthWhere he worked with the legendary Claudio Bessio.

His famous imaginary mother

Starting in the following year, or in 2013, he began to “launch” and his films as a director, among which we remember Offensive PrinceAnd the Miracles are acceptableAnd the lord of happiness And the Best day in the world. It’s also been a bunch of parody news for quite some time stripping news. But speaking of something else, do you know who his historical mother of fiction is? This is the name …

Siani Mama Solocene

Alessandro Ciani has worked with many times Nunzia Xiano Who is a famous actress as well as a real natural talent. We’ve seen it many times on TV and even in some movies like Welcome to the southDirected by Luca MineiroWhere she played her mother. Like him, he boasts a brilliant and successful career behind him. She starred in the movie recently Welcome to Esposito’s home And the In fiction Commissioner RickardThenext to the exceptional Lino Guanciale.

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