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Unprecedented accident, looks like a nightmare or a movie scene: bone-chilling images

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It looks like a scene out of a post-apocalyptic movie, but it all really happened, in one of Italy’s most important cities after all. Here’s what happened and why motorists are terrified right now.

Unfortunately, it was an avowed tragedy that only luck—and the intervention of bystanders—didn’t end in a worse way. This is what happens when the road surface is not in the best conditions and an inattentive motorist chooses that exact moment to pass along this roadall taken from a video clip testifying to the seriousness of the truth.

The photos are colossal (

Important maintenance

A while ago, we studied some data together Much interesting Which is related to the level of maintenance and the quality of roads in the countries of the world, and is reviewed by experts through some scientific standards. Italy I stayed out Of the top 10 countries with the best road network in terms of quantity and quality of infrastructure and seeing the photos that we present to you today, we really can’t be surprised.

Today’s incident It could have been avoided Certainly if the driver had paid more attention to where he was going, but the fact remains that in a G8 city, finding a situation of this nature on a very central road driven by thousands of cars each day is simply unacceptable. Let’s see what we are talking about and why the tragedy was touched upon.

Municipal web resource 21_01_2023 MondoFuoristrada
By locals, Rome is known as the City of Holes (

dead and wounded

The incident we are talking about today took place in Romethe Italian capital which, despite its importance and above all a population of millions of people who use the car regularly, has roads that are decidedly unsuitable for daily travel and which are still full of real potholes and gaps, especially when the weather is bad and the rain puts pressure on the stability of the road network.

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To speak poorly of the Romanian road network, the citizens themselves have in the last ten years found themselves confronted with many Third World situations including The death of some unfortunate citizens They didn’t notice the cracks until it was too late. Among the most high-profile cases is that of a 49-year-old motorcyclist who died on December 22, 2016, after being hit by a 3-centimetre-deep hole in Via Salaria, or that of a 19-year-old boy, he said. . Eyewitnesses fell from his motorcycle to avoid a puncture on Corso Francia, an important avenue in the capital.

finale episode

The last case where a car ended up in a real chasm in the ground this time, Doesn’t seem to cause it But from improper maintenance of the road surface but from the negligence of the unfortunate protagonist. The incident occurred on the very central Via Cola Di Rienzo that crosses the Prati district, a rich Roman district much appreciated by tourists.

Smart web resource 21_01_2023 MondoFuoristrada
Incident result (

The woman: the accident occurred on the Regina Margherita Bridge around 8 just two days ago driving a carDistraction perhaps, I didn’t see the barriers guarding a real hole in the asphalt that the traffic police stepped on and ended up inside, all under the eyes of passers-by filming the horrible scene. According to the available sources, it appears that the chasm was dug by workers bent on work.

Now, the cause of the accident was definitely the carelessness of the woman who fortunately wasn’t hurt, it was impossible not to see the barriers in the middle of the road. But it is not the first case that huh Causes severe damage to a car or motorcycle in the Italian city. And to top it all off, the images in the video are truly horrifying.

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