November 29, 2023

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The plot of their upcoming film has been revealed

The plot of their upcoming film has been revealed

Joaquin PhoenixAs expected in recent months, he will return to play a lead role in the upcoming film Ari Aster. Hence, cooperation between the two is scheduled to be renewed after the production of the controversial film Boo is afraidWhich arrived in theaters last April.

In recent months, details regarding the new project of the famous director have been revealed Hereditary And midsummer They arrived by train. However, it seems that other details have emerged during the past hours that enrich what was previously leaked about the nature of the new film, which will be titled Eddington.

In fact, it was leaked online Initial summary For a film that the director defined as a kind of “contemporary Western.” This reads as follows:

Eddington will focus on a couple (Lindsay and Mark) on a road trip through New Mexico on their way to Los Angeles. When they find themselves low on fuel outside the small town of Eddington, New Mexico. Lindsay and Mark decide to enter the city for help. At first they are welcomed very warmly, but as night falls, the picturesque town quickly turns into a nightmare.

According to Insider Daniel Richtman. Eddington It will be an ensemble film, and in addition to Joaquin Phoenix, it should also see participation Pedro Pascal. In addition to the couple’s story, the film should also focus within its narrative on the conflictual relationship between the city’s mayor and the city’s sheriff.

Filming was scheduled to begin this week, but it looks like production will be ready to begin First half of 2024. Eddington This will be the fourth feature film directed by Ari Aster and the director’s second collaboration with the upcoming star Napoleon And Joker: Folie à Deux.

what do you think? How long are you waiting for the new movie with Joaquin Phoenix, signed by Ari Aster? Let us know in the comments!

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