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Much Ado About Nothing – Insight

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Directed by: Kenneth Branagh

Year: 1993

Country: Great Britain

Cast: Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Robert Sean Leonard, Kate Beckinsale, Denzel Washington, Richard Briers, Imelda Staunton.

Duration: 115'

Kenneth Branagh brings to the screen a play of the same name written by William Shakespeare and set in Messina at the end of the year 1500. It all begins when Prince Pedro of Aragon (Denzel Washington) returns from battle to the court of Leonato (Richard Briers). ) which witnesses the promise of love between Hero (Kate Beckinsale), the daughter of a courtier, and the Florentine Count Claudio (Robert Sean Leonard), her soon-to-be future husband.
Everything goes well, between the court intrigues and pitfalls but above all the fleeting attractions, such as that between Beatrice (Emma Thompson), Leonato's niece, and the gentleman Benedetto da Padua (Kenneth Branagh), who clash in clever and amusing bickering, which hides strong relationship. Caring for each other. While preparations for the wedding are going smoothly, Don Juan (Keanu Reeves), the prince's brother, decides to break the isolation between the two lovers and prepare a plan that will put an end to their love story. In fact, the man managed to discredit the gentle heroine in the eyes of the Count, making him believe that she had betrayed him, giving herself to someone else even before her husband.
On the wedding day, Claudio decides to publicly disown her, insulting her in front of everyone present and calling her a slut. The woman faints from disappointment, and Brother Francesco (Jimmy Yuill), who was supposed to celebrate the wedding, suggests that she play dead, hoping that her name can be cleared in the meantime. Meanwhile, the court guards, led by Carrubba (Michael Keaton), arrest Don Juan's followers who, after being pressured, confess to their master's diabolical plan. The truth has finally come out, but perhaps it is too late: Beatrice, who in the meantime has received a declaration of love from Benedetto, pushes him to challenge Count Claudio to a duel, for the wrong he has done to her friend Hero. ..

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Presentation in VO with Italian subtitles

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