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The official release of the ESA after the news of the absence of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft –

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Yesterday we reported it Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will not be present officially inE3 2023 And today, a few hours later, one arrives Official communication from the European Space Agencythe entertainment software association that takes care of the organization, is at this year’s event.

This isn’t a direct answer to the question of the three producers’ official absence, but the association clearly felt compelled. Explain something about the formula That the event will take place this year, many also wondered what E3 2023 would have been like without any of the major conferences.

In the release, the ESA explains that “reviving an exhibition after a three-year hiatus and a global pandemic always has challenges to contend with, which is why we have conducted extensive research (in collaboration with ESA companies) to identify the best partners to produce E3 with”.

By this, the association explains that it has chosen ReedPOP as the main partner To organize the event, he is also responsible for many other trade fairs such as PAX and Comic Con. “We’ve made great progress in reformulating the event and have had great support from industry companies of all sizes and are not only thinking about E3 2023, but also early plans for 2024 and beyond.”

So the European Space Agency intends to also continue Next years After E3 2023. “It is important to note that even as the show evolves and adapts, this will not impact the core part of ESA’s work for the companies that are a part of it. Our priority remains supporting policies that affect this industry at both the state and federal levels.”

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So it’s not a direct response to the absence of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft which hasn’t been commented on in an exact way, but ESA seems to be implying that the show will be different than usual and will probably engage more with insiders than the show for the general public. Anyway, “E3 news and developments” will be released in the near future.

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