May 30, 2023

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The next game will have realistic graphics with elements from Jeff Grubb’s animation –

The next game in the series need for speed that should hit stores this year will have “Realistic graphics“But in an artistic style characterized by a mixture of”Animation ElementsAccording to the latest rumor published by journalist Jeff Grob on the latest episode of the Grubbsnax podcast.

“The picture will be realistic, but it will have more animation elements,” says Grob from the next chapter of Need for Speed. “You know when you see an ad for a car or something, with the car going fast down the street, but then all of a sudden you see cartoonish flames and stuff? That’s the kind of aesthetic they seem to be looking for.”

need for speed

Grubb later clarified that the next tool Need for Speed ​​will contain a filesubjective As we have seen in previous chapters, this is a social environment and a set of connected functions that allow players to connect, compare and compete. In addition, a VentureBeat reporter says that the game will take place in a fictional version of Chicago called Lake Shore City.

A few days ago, Grubb revealed more alleged details about the new Need for Speed, including the fact that the game will arrive this year and only on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. However, as usual, we recommend that you take all the above information with caution.

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