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Parliament has discouraged the Prime Minister –

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Against him 174 deputies out of 342. The former international cricket champion lost the support of some majority parties but with the help of the President of the Republic tried to stay in power by dissolving the chambers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, 69 years old, by the Pakistani parliament, which approved a motion of no-confidence against him. The downfall of the government led by the former international cricket champion comes at the height of a weeks-long political crisis. And 174 deputies out of 342 voted no-confidence in themAccording to the interim president of the National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq.

Pakistan is a nuclear power with a population of 220 million, characterized by severe tensions between civilian institutions and the powerful military. No Pakistani Prime Minister has yet been able to complete a full term in office, but Khan is the first to lose his post by vote of no confidence. Now it is not clear when the prime minister who will rule the government will be chosen pending the new elections, which are supposed to take place no earlier than October, but Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif is the most likely candidate.

Just trying to avoid this dangerIn recent days, the prime minister had dissolved the two councils and called for new elections, but the Supreme Court considered this procedure illegal and ordered the council to return to meeting to vote on the no-confidence vote. Khan, the former cricket star who won the 2018 elections, lost his parliamentary majority after some parties in his coalition withdrew his support. Initially, the no-confidence motion he had been waiting for in parliament was not discussed last Sunday after National Assembly Vice President Qassem Suri, a staunch supporter of Khan, rejected his proposal for a vote, arguing that it was unconstitutional because it resulted from foreign interference. Then the prime minister got from President Arif AlviAnother ally, the dissolution of the National Assembly, which necessitates the call for early legislative elections within 90 days. But the Supreme Court reversed the situation. Parliament did the rest.

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