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Selfie when his car sinks, what a danger in Canada – Auto World

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The advent of social media and the popularity that a person can gain by posting photos and videos has led many to change their behavior in certain situations. This is what happened to a woman from Ottawa, Canada: behind her own wheel SUV, As the woman was trying to cross the Ryo River on ice formed by the cold temperature, suddenly the latter gave way and the car began to slow down. Submerge under water.

The woman, who was in danger of getting trapped inside as the car sank, somehow managed to get out Go safely to the roof of the SUV. While she waited for first aid to arrive, she saved herself by helping slide into a kayak and thought it would be nice to take her smartphone out of her pocket. Selfie, Then do your own adventure implicitly indestructible to post on your social accounts. Fortunately for her, all rescue operations were successfully completed: according to the latest rumors, in fact, the woman was not injured and did not need treatment when paramedics and police arrived. However, some residents who witnessed the crash said the SUV was speeding down a frozen river: as a result, police said he was accused of maneuvering a motor vehicle dangerously.

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