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The next game will be decisive and could mark the end of the software house –

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to Moon Studios It will be the next match Decisiveso that it can be marked on to fail From the software house. This was said by Thomas Mahler, founder and president of Moon, who launched the Path of Exile and Diablo challenge, essentially stating that he wanted to revolutionize the RPG genre.

Maller: “Our next project will be Moon’s decision: Either we revolutionize the action-RPG genre, or we solve slowly. Even if it’s scary, I love a challenge! Diablo, Poe and all the others: here we come and may the best man win!” “

For starters, Moon Studios is best known for its highly acclaimed series Ori. The new game will be a huge change from the previous works.

In a later comment, Mahler explained to the user who indicated that the game was funded by special sectionthus capped in a way, the indie studio’s bankruptcy meant no more funding for subsequent games: “If we make a great product and people buy it, we’ll be able to make more. If our product doesn’t go well, we probably won’t get another chance.”

It should be noted that at the moment not much is known about the new Moon Studios game, apart from that it will be framed from above and will, in fact, be a role-playing game in the style of Diablo.

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