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The news of Superman’s veil will infuriate Henry Cavill fans

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In recent days, the same thing The Rock commented on a possible Superman cameo in Black Adambut the new information that has just come out will literally do the trick He angered loyal fans of Henry Cavill.

Reportedly, in fact, the Man of Steel actor and owner The sequel to Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justicewas last seen as Clark Kent in Justice League by Zack SnyderAnd the He will no longer play the cameo role of Superman black Adam: Instead, in a cinecomix with Dwayne “The Rock,” Johnson will come back to talk about and discuss it “Decapitated Superman” has already been seen in Shazam!a movie of which the rest black Adam It will be a popup.

The usually vigilant and reliable account MyTimeToShineHello, who warned that after the appearance of Shazam! And appear at the end peace maker The famous “Headless Superman” will also return black Adam. The response from the CineStealth leak account is a complete program, and remember that a file “Headless Superman” with this third inscription would equal the appearance of Henry Cavill: A bad blow to fans of the character and the actor, who apparently will have to dry it out again.

It’s time to put your soul in peace and Considering Henry Cavill’s days as Superman over? Tell us what you think in the comments section. black AdamWe remember that it will be shown in cinemas from October 21.

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