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Doctor Strange 2, Bruce Campbell’s villain turns into an unprecedented scene!

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Bruce Campbell’s cameo was definitely one of the most cherished moments on Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness: Fans have been wondering how Sam Raimi managed to pressure his pagan actor into his new movie, and as usual they weren’t disappointed. But are we really sure that the role of righteous ash was there?

On the day of appearance Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on Disney+In fact, Marvel decided to honor Bruce’s look by giving us another look at the La Casa protagonist’s cameo as a pizza-ball seller: in this New unedited scene However, Campbell’s character is taking a direction that none of us expected.

The scene in question actually resumes the post-credit sequence where the meatball pizza seller played by Campbell finally sees the effects of Doctor Strange’s spell disappear: Instead of cheering announcing the end of the movie at the same time, we this time assume a less reassuring expression, revenge right So Doctor Strange because of his diseases.

In short, a new villain appears in this unprecedented scene from Sam Raimi: for a character Benedict CumberbatchThis time, it could be a serious problem! Speaking of unreleased scenes, here you will find a new video with the extension Doctor Strange’s mistake in the Multiverse of Madness.

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