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The new version of Cinema in Vista is underway!

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The “Cinema in festa” event starts again, an initiative that unifies the cost of the ticket to 3.50 euros for five days, from Sunday 9 June to Thursday 13. This applies to all films currently shown in Italian cinemas.

From Sunday 9th to Thursday 13th June The new edition of takes place Cinema in Vista: The initiative is reduced The ticket price is €3.50 for all films shown in Italian cinemas, anytime anywhere. This initiative is promoted, as always, by Davide di Donatello – the Italian Film Academy and the Ministry of Culture.

One ticket worth 3.5 euros to the cinema in Vista, from 9 to 13 June 2024

In this June 2024 to Five days, From Sunday 9 to Thursday 13To watch any movie in theaters, in all cinemas you will pay a fee One special ticket for 3.50 euros. This is the fourth edition of “Cinema in Vista“, an initiative aimed at promoting Room fun even in summerThis can save happy surprises, as last year’s numbers showed.
On the official website of Cinema in Festa, it is estimated that from 2022, when the initiative begins, which takes place for two weeks a year (one in June and the other in September), the public has joined enthusiastically. 3,800,000 visitors. A good CV for cinema in Vista, which will continue at this pace until 2026. Leaving on Sunday and closing on Thursday allows you to pay a little to see it New releases for two weeks. The ultimate goal is always to ensure the comfort of the Italian public Cinema season throughout the yearthroughout the twelve months, inspired by the same “Film festival“It opened in France. The cinema in Vista is part of the campaign.”Cinema Revolution – What an entertaining summer“, sponsored by MiC and already a winner thanks to the strong results of the summer of 2023, with successes Oppenheimer And Barbie.

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