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Dawn: Buried Secrets – Film (2023)

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The Dawn Conspiracy – Buried Secrets

Dawn 2 – Buried SecretsDirected by Linda Lisa Hayter, the film is the second chapter in the Cutler saga and deals with the story of… dawn (Breck Basinger), where we left it in the first chapter.
The girl left the family hotel, Cutler Cove, Virginia, and arrived in New York to attend one of the most prestigious art schools in the Grand Apple. Dawn still can’t believe that her dream of becoming a great singer might come true so soon.
Even though a new life awaits her, she still can’t get it out of her head and heart Jimmy (Khobi Clark), her boyfriend with whom she shared intense but also painful secrets.
But here comes the wonderful thing about school Michael Sutton (Joey McIntyre), a new teacher and music star. Soon a strong feeling arises between them and desires that she had never known before are awakened at dawn. It seems like a dream… until Michael suddenly disappears, leaving the girl heartbroken. As if that wasn’t enough, Dawn once again falls victim to her grandmother’s devious plans Lillian (Donna Mills) And once again, Jimmy seems to be his only lifeline…

Curiosities about dawn – buried secrets

The film is the second of one A short series in four chaptersbased on the novels by V. C. Andrews with the main protagonist character Dawn. 4 movies They tell us the dark and twisted stories of the Cutler, Booth and Longchamp families.

V. C. Andrews’s novels are among the best-selling novels of all time. Since 1979’s Flowers in the Attic, Andrews’ collection of novels has sold more than 106 million copies worldwide and been translated into 22 languages. Andrews died in 1986 and it was Andrew Niedermann who took up the baton to continue the success of the novels. Dozens of films have been made from VC Andrews’ books.

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The film was filmed in Vancouver and other locations in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

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