Home Economy The new version of alVolante is about to be released

The new version of alVolante is about to be released

The new version of alVolante is about to be released

Challenge in the family – Same brand, same mechanics, different bodies: on the one hand, a classic five-door sedan on the other, a crossover model. Which one do I choose? our Buying Guide Makes a direct comparison 12 pairs of models Medium-sized, analyzed in detail to evaluate each option, up to determining which combinations, depending on the engine and equipment, are the most correct. Some examples: BMW 1 Series or X? Hyundai i30 or Tucson? Peugeot 308 or 3008? Seat Leon or Ateca? You choose.

Three cities “under pressure” Speaking of Kroos: Our Heroes abovethere are three city ​​car Which in appearance is inspired by it, for example in the overall plastic protection of the car body. These are the Fiat Panda City Cross, Suzuki Ignis and Toyota Aygo, the first two light hybrids, and the third only petrol (and fresh from its debut). Comparative testing is accompanied by performance and consumption measurements.

Europe in the field of electricity Is electric crossover able to withstand long trips? To check this out, we’ve covered more 4000 km driving Kia EV6 77 kWh by air, touching four European capitals (Rome, Vienna, Berlin and Paris). A difficult challenge that ended in Milan (the Italian capital of design) and was successfully overcome: as well as in the newspaper, we tell it in the many videos we publish these days alvolante.it And through our social channels.

the exams – This month is under review by the center Evidence From at the wheel There’s the new Renault Megane E-Tech: it’s a mid-range sedan with a crossover look, and it’s only available as “all electric.” In the setup of the EV60 Iconic, it proved to be fast and give it good autonomy. Other cars entrusted to our testers offer a wide range of power sources: from small, peppery, but not too thirsty cars, the Seat Arona Cross with a 150 hp 1.5 petrol engine, to the high-end Mercedes A180 d with 116 hp 2.0 diesel fleet that far exceeded the average 20 km / l. Then, there are two hybrids: the practical and comfortable 131 HP Fiat Tipo Station Wagon 1.5 Hybrid and the 224 HP Citroën C5 X 1.6 Hybrid maxi sedan, which is as original in appearance as it is as welcoming in the cockpit.

as soon as you arrive – The section dedicated to the first show is rich with new issues Driving impressions From the latest news. Here too, the champion crossovers: these are the revamped Citroën C5 Aircross with a 131 HP 1.2 petrol engine, an 81 HP LPG Hyundai Bayon and bZ4X, Toyota’s first electric car, which we tested in a 218 HP 4×4 variant. There is also the full hybrid version (143 hp) of the Nissan Juke. For those who love sedans, there are two “full” hybrids: the latest Honda Civic and the updated Toyota Corolla with 184 and 140 hp, respectively. Plus, limo: a 160-horsepower large sedan, the first model from Mobilize, Renault’s brand of electric rental-only cars.

A dance of seven bubbles – We write about supercars in “A ”Automatic by Dream‘, which are dedicated to seven Lamborghini cars are among the rarest because they are produced in small series or even in one piece. All equipped with massive 12-cylinder engines, they are true collector’s items: among them, re-releases of such legend as the Countach and some very sporty engines that formed A turning point in the history of the house of Sant’Agata Bolognese, like Siàn, the first hybrid “lambo”.

Rent Yes, Rent No – Long-term rent for individuals was compared directly with purchase by installments, in A‘Investigation Who checks estimates (obtained by visiting seven salons of the same number of brands) that clearly highlight all the really important numbers: monthly amounts, number of installments or fees, potential advances, caps, or additional services. Which of the two formulas is more convenient, only you, the readers, can say, according to your needs.

Advice for users – However, if you intend to buy it used, here is a vademecum that contains all the tips to avoid making mistakes. Where are you looking? right use (web? ads? dealerships?) to checks to be made before buying, starting with clues that suggest giving up negotiation to document verification.

KM ZERO and price lists Spending your money in the best possible way, especially these days, is important. So, take a look at the pages Zero kilometer: This month we recommend 889 units, with discounts from 10% to 35%. Eurotax quotes for 2000 used models are also useful, whether you want to sell a used car or want to buy one. But if there is a brand new car in your desires, there are 7,356 copies on offer in existing From at the wheel: with photos, comments, suggestions and all prices (even those for options).


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