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The new “Made in Italy” factory opened on the other side of the world

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The Piaggio Collection is one of the most famous and appreciated in the world. Thanks also to the brands that contribute to sales and growth as desired each year. Now, however, it appears to be “reviving” Italy, and here’s how.

Piaggio is one of the most important manufacturers in Italy and the world. Not only for sales and profits, but also for what relates to its history. In fact, he owns an Italian icon and has never gone out of fashion like Vespa.

Biagio, now “everything is changing” (web source)

However, other unique and unique brands such as Aprilia and Moto Guzzi belong to his collection. However, the extraordinary success it has achieved over the years has neither prevented nor prevented Piaggio from expanding.

The Italian company is actually developing a new plant in Indonesiaon a very large area (55,000 square metres), with a scheduled opening completion in the second half of 2022. So let’s find out more about this truly amazing and ambitious project.

Biagio, the new factory in Indonesia and what you need to know about it

Piaggio, a truly unique and extraordinary company in a strong and continuous expansion. That is why the company will soon arrive in Indonesia with an unusual new plant, which will have life in Jakarta.

A building that will join those already in Vin Bosch in Vietnam and Foshan in China, making us understand Biagio’s great ambition in wanting to increase its production capacities in Asia. To announce this important news, the motorcycle group itself paid attention to it with a press release arrived on the occasion of the Indonesian round of the World Championships at the Mandalika Circuit.

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Why this choice? because she is one strategic case For the motorcycle market, five million scooters and motorcycles are sold each year. It’s for all intents and purposes The third largest market in the world after India and China.

vespa (web source)
Biagio, a new plant in Indonesia (web source)

Moreover, the group increased its sales in Indonesia in 2021 by 61% compared to the previous year, and this year it will be able to count on more than fifty dedicated stores, including four recently opened Motoplex stores in Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya and Jojakarta.

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This underscores the importance of the Indonesian market in Piaggio’s much sought-after growth strategy in Asia. A strategy that will be launched immediately this weekend, given that in conjunction with Sunday’s race, there was no shortage of space to showcase Aprilia’s new scooter, the SR GT.

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