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Introductory day for markets but directionality can start tomorrow

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with Wall Street closed for holidays International markets rarely move in direction. What are you waiting for then? Rough market day but from directionality tomorrow can start making different indicators move in the same direction.

Let’s go step by step.

At 3:05 pm on the trading day on January 17 we read the following prices:

Dax future


The future of Eurostoxx


Ftsy Mibe future


S&P 500 . Index

4.662,85. (price end of January 14th)

The odds are on the downside at least for the first six months of the year

In red, our annual forecast for the global stock index on a weekly scale for 2022.

In blue the chart of US markets. These 76% are related to international price lists.

What are we waiting for this week?

The trends among the analyzed indicators are not in a certain order and in similar contexts, this stage only emerged with the explosion of momentum. The verse of the latter should dictate fate for at least two weeks, if not then.

An introductory day for the markets but the directionality can start from tomorrow. Map to keep the pulse of the position

Dax future

Very short downtrend until we see a daily close above 15.961. Long-term cons only with weekly close below 15711.

The future of Eurostoxx

Very short downtrend until daily close above 4283.5. Long term only declines with weekly close below 4216.5.

Future Ftse Mib

Very short downtrend until there is a daily close above 27.610. The cuts continue only with a weekly close below 27145.

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S&P 500 . Index

Very short downtrend until daily close above 4665.13. Gains continued only with a weekly close above 4748.83.

Investment position in progress from a multi-day perspective

Nothing has changed compared to the past few days, so we continue to hold fast to the analyzed indicators.

How can day trading be done on tuesday?

We expect a sideways phase before an imminent burst of momentum earlier this week.

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